Baby Showers

Valentine’s Day Baby Shower

Are you hosting a baby shower in February? Have you thought about a super cute Valentine’s Day theme? We have seen many baby showers in our Baby’s on Broadway event space, and one of our favorite themes is Valentine’s Day. What’s cuter than a baby shower with a love theme with red and pink hearts? Plus, there are so many Valentine’s Day items in stores right now, why not take advantage of them? A Valentine’s theme is easy and can be done inexpensively. Below are a few of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day themed Baby Shower!

Valentine’s Day-Themed Candy Heart Center Pieces

Candy hearts are inexpensive, as are candles. And both look cute together inside of a vase or bowl! Here is what you will need:

  • Glass bowls or vases or both (need to be see-through but do not have to be color-less)
  • Candy Hearts (the ones with the messages, or whatever kind of heart-shaped candy you want, you could even do multi-colored marshmallows)
  • Large candles and/or flowers

Pour candy hearts into a glass or plastic see-through vase or bowl to create a base for the candle. Add a candle, and you are done! For an extra touch, wrap some ribbon around the vase. The vases/bowls don’t have to match, so use a variety of whatever you have! Bonus: you can use the centerpieces as giveaways if you want 🙂


Baby Kisses Favors

So cute! Party favors are not necessary, but we love this one. Here is what you will need:

  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Small Paper Bags
  • Glue

Simply fill the small paper bags with Hershey’s Kisses (as many as you want) and attach a label that says, “baby kisses”. Hearts are easy to cut out from paper, or you can download many different printable labels from Etsy if you would rather print and cut them. If you use small paper bags that can be folded over, you can use a heart-shaped sticker to close them. Or, as is done on the SHEKNOWS blog, use a clothes pin to hold the bag closed, and glue a label to the clothes pin that says, “baby kisses”.



Heart-Shaped Food

If you have heart-shaped cookie cutters, you can make almost anything heart-shaped. Sandwiches, fruit, baked goods, deli meats, cheese, Rice Krispie or Fruity Pebble bars, even pre-packaged and pre-cooked things like mini-waffles, mini-pancakes, and granola bars! Put them on skewers, lay them on trays, whatever you do it will be adorable.


The ‘L’ Word

What goes better with a baby than ‘love’?! Put the word ‘love’ everywhere! In frames, on napkins, on the tables and walls. Cut out the letters from cardboard and cover them with tissue paper, craft pom-poms, or anything! Stores should have all kinds of extra goodies right now with the word ‘love’ on them (and in Valentine’s colors)!




Hearts are easy to cut out of construction paper. And construction paper is inexpensive and goes a long way. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and string. You can also use craft pom-poms, which are also inexpensive, in pinks and reds and whites, or even use balloons!


Cake/Cupcake Toppers

Staying with the construction paper/heart theme, we love these simple heart-shaped cake toppers from Grab some pink or red straws, or sticks, glue or tape a heart to one end, and put the other end of the straw or stick into the cake or cupcake and voila! Simple cake toppers! Stores should have lots of Valentine’s colored or themed straws right now. Use a tiered cupcake stand to display cupcakes and give the illusion of a tiered-cake. Don’t have a cupcake stand? Make one out of plastic plates and candlestick holders from the dollar store!


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