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Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2018

Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy…but we are here to help! Check out these unique gifts that have been flying off the shelves this year!

Boom Brick

$34.99 |Shop Now

10 boom brick

This one-of-a-kind speaker has quickly become our top-selling item this season. Just place your phone on top of the Boom Brick to amplify the sound–no Bluetooth, no wires. They’re a hit with any age!


$39.99 | Shop Now

10 kiipix

Ever wish you could instantly print photos from your smartphone? KiiPix lets you print any photo from your smartphone with just the turn of knob. Insert the film, find a photo, place your phone on top, turn the crank, and tada! Instant photos!


Harry Potter Light Painting Wand

$29.99 | Shop Now

10 hp wand

Every witch or wizard needs a wand! These new light-up wands have a complementary app that will turn the swishes of the wand into amazing pictures painted with light–it’s like magic!

Shop all Harry Potter merchandise here.

Dino Drone

$79.99 | Shop Now

10 dino drone.jpg

This pterodactyl is ready to take to the skies! Kids will love to race the Dino Drone through the air with just a flick of the wrist! It’s all controlled with a mime control remote glove that makes flying even more fun!

Shop all drones here.


$24.99 | Shop Now

These little magnets are the ultimate fidget for anyone! We literally can’t put them down. Speks are a cluster of tiny earth magnets that you can shape almost like putty. Whether its mindless fidgeting or detailed shape-building, these little toys are a big hit!

LOL Surprise!

$3.49-$39.99 | Shop Now

If you’re not a mom of girls you might not understand the craze, but LOL Surprise! Dolls are topping the toy lists again this year! They are so popular some sets are sold out–but we have them!

10 lol.png

Transformer Car

$49.99 | Shop Now

It’s Transformers brought to life! This remote controlled vehicle goes from a car to a robot with the push of a button. Check out the video below to see it in action!


$27.99 | Shop Now

10 stax

American Ninja Warrior

$17.99-$129.99 | Shop Now

Get the kids active with the American Ninja Warrior line! Keep adding to the challenge with ladders, ropes, and other obstacle course accessories.

10 ninja.jpg

Spooner Board

$34.99-$49.99 | Shop Now

Featured on Shark Tank, this new balance board works indoors or out–perfect for winter days where they kids are bouncing off the walls.

Need more ideas? Check out our “Shop by Age” categories on our website, or stop in store to find even more!


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