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Get the Look: Shabby Chic Mix & Match Nursery

If you’re like us, you love: a) shopping local and b) super cute shabby chic furniture. We could spend hours (and probably have) browsing through Facebook phots from some of our favorite shops like Ramshackled Treasures (Zimmerman, MN) and Second Hand Rose (Buffalo, MN). You may have noticed a lot of our store displays sport this shabby-chic look. We love the character it adds to our store! So what better way to support local businesses and your love design than to add a shabby-chic element to your nursery!

Here’s how you can bring this cute and affordable look into your nursery!

The Crib:

Start by finding the perfect crib for your nursery. If you are looking for something cute and simple, try the Jenny Lind crib. This style is wildly popular and you can mix and match with any type of dresser. Gray makes for a classy, simple look, but if you’re more daring try something a bit bolder by choosing a pop of color for the crib.

The Dresser:

When you are looking for a dresser, try to find one that is at a comfortable height so it can double as a changing table. We recommend using the Peanut Changer (found here) on top because it is non-slip and waterproof so you don’t need a changing box. Of course, storage is key, especially if you want your pieces to grow with your child, so make sure you find a dresser with plenty of drawers. The options are endless, and it can be a lot of fun to shop around.

You are sure to find some unique pieces, so have fun making them a focal point of your room! Armoires are a great way to add more style and storage to your room. We love this coral piece from Ramshackled Treasures paired with a sleek, crisp white crib.

With so many ways to get creative, the nursery possibilities are endless! Head on over to one of your local refurbish boutiques or get your DIY on! If you give it a shot, we’d love to see–tag @babysonbroadway on Facebook or Instagram.

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