Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 8: less than to weeks away! If you’re struggling to brainstorm ideas or simply lost track of time, keep reading for a variety of suggestions! We’re sure to have the perfect idea for the special mama in your life. 

For the Breastfeeding Mama:

Wearable and wireless breast pumps are an essential accessory to breastfeeding, plus they make a wonderful gift! We are happy to help you choose the right one, and we gift wrap for free. 

For the On-the-Go Mama:

Fawn Designs is now available at Baby’s on Broadway! Popular and stylish, these totes can function as an essential diaper bag or act as a sleek accessory. Going on a weekend getaway? Pick up one of our spacious Weekenders. Lots of colors and styles to choose from! 

For the Stylish Mama:

Tiny Trucker makes a fun and stylish gift for any mama! We’ve got hats, necklaces, wallets, beach towels and more. Let mom wear her title in style!

For the Pregnant Mama:

We’re big proponents of self-care at B.O.B. Rest, skin care, fluids, digestive health, retail therapy: pregnant mamas deserve it all! From gift cards to water bottles that remind you to hydrate, we have a great selection of gifts that will give Mom some zen. 

Shop the items in the below images and more, at the link here.

Need more suggestions or assistance? Give us a call, message on social media, or visit in store. We’ll gladly help you find the perfect gift (with free wrapping!)

Happy Shopping!


Celebrity Baby Trends Giveaway!


We are SO excited to be participating in the Celebrity Baby Trends Giveaway. Head to @celebritybabytrends on INSTAGRAM to find out rules and how to enter to win a $1,000 Gift Card to our store, plus an additional $4,000 in prizes!! Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday, June 25, 2020 via @celebritybabytrends stories.

Celebrity Baby Trends Giveaway

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Top 5 Family-Friendly Spring Cleaning Products

The sun is making frequent appearances and the snow is rapidly melting–Spring might actually be coming on time this year! And that means it’s time for some Spring Cleaning. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cleaning products that make it a little easier to keep up with the kitchen-born messes that are just one of the joys of parenthood.

Nellie’s One Soapnellies-one-soap

We love everything about Nellie’s All Natural line of products. Their wide range of gentle, family-safe products don’t lack in cleaning power and you can use them . We are calling out the One Soap as one of our favorites because it double (or triple…or quadruple) duty, acting as a dish soap AND hand soap, AND soap whatever else you can find that needs a good, soapy cleaning. Continue reading “Top 5 Family-Friendly Spring Cleaning Products”


How to Create Your Dream Nursery in 5 Easy Steps

Designing your nursery is a chance for you to indulge your inner interior designer and show your style! It’s a ton of fun–but with so many options out there, it can also get overwhelming. Well, we are here to break it all down for you. Check out this step-by-step checklist of everything you need to create a stylish and totally functional nursery.

Step 1: The Crib


Let’s start with the obvious. From a style standpoint, the crib can set the tone for the rest of your nursery. If you already have a vision for your nursery, great! You can easily narrow down your options based on your style. If you’re waiting for the right crib to spark your inspiration, start by browsing! You never know what might spark your imagination. Continue reading “How to Create Your Dream Nursery in 5 Easy Steps”


Meghan Markle has THIS surprisingly affordable crib for her nursery

If you’ve ever dreamed of living a life like the royals, you could be one step closer! Well…sort of. Hello! spotted a rather large gift being delivered to Markle’s hotel, just in time for her New York baby shower. So, what’s in the box?


It looks like this royal baby will be sleeping in the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib that retails for only $379! While this mid-century modern crib is available in 9 stylish colors, it looks like Markle’s nursery will feature it in a classic white.


Ready to shop?

Find the color that matches your style! Shop the entire Babyletto Hudson Collection here!


Plus, if you’re in the MN area, we offer delivery and assembly! Thanks for shopping local!

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Valentine’s Day Baby Shower

Are you hosting a baby shower in February? Have you thought about a super cute Valentine’s Day theme? We have seen many baby showers in our Baby’s on Broadway event space, and one of our favorite themes is Valentine’s Day. What’s cuter than a baby shower with a love theme with red and pink hearts? Plus, there are so many Valentine’s Day items in stores right now, why not take advantage of them? A Valentine’s theme is easy and can be done inexpensively. Below are a few of our favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day themed Baby Shower!

Valentine’s Day-Themed Candy Heart Center Pieces

Candy hearts are inexpensive, as are candles. And both look cute together inside of a vase or bowl! Here is what you will need:

  • Glass bowls or vases or both (need to be see-through but do not have to be color-less)
  • Candy Hearts (the ones with the messages, or whatever kind of heart-shaped candy you want, you could even do multi-colored marshmallows)
  • Large candles and/or flowers

Pour candy hearts into a glass or plastic see-through vase or bowl to create a base for the candle. Add a candle, and you are done! For an extra touch, wrap some ribbon around the vase. The vases/bowls don’t have to match, so use a variety of whatever you have! Bonus: you can use the centerpieces as giveaways if you want 🙂


Baby Kisses Favors

So cute! Party favors are not necessary, but we love this one. Here is what you will need:

  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Small Paper Bags
  • Glue

Simply fill the small paper bags with Hershey’s Kisses (as many as you want) and attach a label that says, “baby kisses”. Hearts are easy to cut out from paper, or you can download many different printable labels from Etsy if you would rather print and cut them. If you use small paper bags that can be folded over, you can use a heart-shaped sticker to close them. Or, as is done on the SHEKNOWS blog, use a clothes pin to hold the bag closed, and glue a label to the clothes pin that says, “baby kisses”.



Heart-Shaped Food

If you have heart-shaped cookie cutters, you can make almost anything heart-shaped. Sandwiches, fruit, baked goods, deli meats, cheese, Rice Krispie or Fruity Pebble bars, even pre-packaged and pre-cooked things like mini-waffles, mini-pancakes, and granola bars! Put them on skewers, lay them on trays, whatever you do it will be adorable.


The ‘L’ Word

What goes better with a baby than ‘love’?! Put the word ‘love’ everywhere! In frames, on napkins, on the tables and walls. Cut out the letters from cardboard and cover them with tissue paper, craft pom-poms, or anything! Stores should have all kinds of extra goodies right now with the word ‘love’ on them (and in Valentine’s colors)!




Hearts are easy to cut out of construction paper. And construction paper is inexpensive and goes a long way. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and string. You can also use craft pom-poms, which are also inexpensive, in pinks and reds and whites, or even use balloons!


Cake/Cupcake Toppers

Staying with the construction paper/heart theme, we love these simple heart-shaped cake toppers from Grab some pink or red straws, or sticks, glue or tape a heart to one end, and put the other end of the straw or stick into the cake or cupcake and voila! Simple cake toppers! Stores should have lots of Valentine’s colored or themed straws right now. Use a tiered cupcake stand to display cupcakes and give the illusion of a tiered-cake. Don’t have a cupcake stand? Make one out of plastic plates and candlestick holders from the dollar store!


We would love to help you host your special event! For information regarding our event space, go to You can also contact us at 320-639-2229 or We are open 7 days a week, M-F 10-6, Sat 10-5, and Sun 12-4.

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Space-Saving Nursery Ideas

Designing a nursery is one of the most fun parts about preparing for baby, and you’ve probably already started pinning some ideas to your Pinterest board. If you have limited space in your nursery room, or if baby will be sharing a room with you or a sibling, it might seem like it’s impossible to fit everything in. But we’ve seen nurseries in even the smallest of spaces, and they are just as cute and functional as ever. Here’s how to fit those big dreams into a small space.

Think Mini

Anything mini is automatically 10x cuter, and mini cribs are no exception. We love the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib because it’s compact AND portable. It’s our favorite solution for Grandma’s house because it has a small footprint when in use, and, true to its name, folds away for easy storage.

lovelyindeed.PNGImage Credit: lovelyindeed

Continue reading “Space-Saving Nursery Ideas”

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Baby Safety: 9 Products to Make Bath Time a Breeze

Accidents while bathing babies and kids can happen quickly. Below are five tips on bathing and safety for infants and young children, including our recommended and best-selling bath time products (and why we love them):


1. Bathing

Pediatricians strongly recommend that you give your infant a sponge bath until their umbilical cord has fallen off (if a circumcised boy, wait until that heals as well). After that, your infant is ready for a tub. Remember, you should never leave a young child or baby alone near water; even for a minute. Keep everything you will need within arm’s reach to allow you to always have one hand on your baby at all times.

Puj Tub
Why we love it. The Puj Tub is made from a soft foam that is mildew resistant, and folds and conforms to almost any sink, cradling and protecting the baby during bath time. Designed to not submerge the baby in water, it is great for the sponge-bath period and for the early infant months. Hang or store the tub flat anywhere you would like…even on the back of your door and out of sight!


Continue reading “Baby Safety: 9 Products to Make Bath Time a Breeze”

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Top 19 Baby Products for 2019

Will your family be growing in 2019? Here are our top 19 baby products you should get in the new year.

1. Venice Child California Dreaming Portable Crib

venice child in bedroom

Keeping baby close provides valuable peace of mind, especially in the first few months. The Venice Child California Dreaming Portable Crib is perfect for home, and it folds down for travel so baby will have a safe sleeping environment wherever you go! This portable sleeper is equipped with seven height adjustment levels, optional incline, and even includes storage underneath for all your middle-of-the-night needs. Shop Venice Child now.

2. Rachel’s Remedy

rachels remedies.png

Motherhood is great, but it’s not always glamourous. Rachel, founder of Rachel’s Remedy, has created products to help relieve some of the problems faced my new and breastfeeding moms.  Shop Rachel’s Remedy now. Continue reading “Top 19 Baby Products for 2019”

Toys & Games

Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2018

Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy…but we are here to help! Check out these unique gifts that have been flying off the shelves this year!

Boom Brick

$34.99 |Shop Now

10 boom brick

This one-of-a-kind speaker has quickly become our top-selling item this season. Just place your phone on top of the Boom Brick to amplify the sound–no Bluetooth, no wires. They’re a hit with any age!


$39.99 | Shop Now

10 kiipix

Ever wish you could instantly print photos from your smartphone? KiiPix lets you print any photo from your smartphone with just the turn of knob. Insert the film, find a photo, place your phone on top, turn the crank, and tada! Instant photos!


Harry Potter Light Painting Wand

$29.99 | Shop Now

10 hp wand

Every witch or wizard needs a wand! These new light-up wands have a complementary app that will turn the swishes of the wand into amazing pictures painted with light–it’s like magic!

Shop all Harry Potter merchandise here.

Dino Drone

$79.99 | Shop Now

10 dino drone.jpg

This pterodactyl is ready to take to the skies! Kids will love to race the Dino Drone through the air with just a flick of the wrist! It’s all controlled with a mime control remote glove that makes flying even more fun!

Shop all drones here.


$24.99 | Shop Now

These little magnets are the ultimate fidget for anyone! We literally can’t put them down. Speks are a cluster of tiny earth magnets that you can shape almost like putty. Whether its mindless fidgeting or detailed shape-building, these little toys are a big hit!

LOL Surprise!

$3.49-$39.99 | Shop Now

If you’re not a mom of girls you might not understand the craze, but LOL Surprise! Dolls are topping the toy lists again this year! They are so popular some sets are sold out–but we have them!

10 lol.png

Transformer Car

$49.99 | Shop Now

It’s Transformers brought to life! This remote controlled vehicle goes from a car to a robot with the push of a button. Check out the video below to see it in action!


$27.99 | Shop Now

10 stax

American Ninja Warrior

$17.99-$129.99 | Shop Now

Get the kids active with the American Ninja Warrior line! Keep adding to the challenge with ladders, ropes, and other obstacle course accessories.

10 ninja.jpg

Spooner Board

$34.99-$49.99 | Shop Now

Featured on Shark Tank, this new balance board works indoors or out–perfect for winter days where they kids are bouncing off the walls.

Need more ideas? Check out our “Shop by Age” categories on our website, or stop in store to find even more!