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January is Bath Safety Month!

Accidents while bathing babies and kids can happen quickly. Below are five tips on bathing and safety for infants and young children, including our recommended and best-selling bath time products (and why we love them):


1. Bathing

Pediatricians strongly recommend that you give your infant a sponge bath until their umbilical cord has fallen off (if a circumcised boy, wait until that heals as well). After that, your infant is ready for a tub. Remember, you should never leave a young child or baby alone near water; even for a minute. Keep everything you will need within arm’s reach to allow you to always have one hand on your baby at all times.

Puj Tub
Why we love it. The Puj Tub is made from a soft foam that is mildew resistant, and folds and conforms to almost any sink, cradling and protecting the baby during bath time. Designed to not submerge the baby in water, it is great for the sponge-bath period and for the early infant months. Hang or store the tub flat anywhere you would like…even on the back of your door and out of sight!



Boon Soak Bath Tub
Why we love it. The SOAK tub has an adjustable bump and contoured back, suitable for reclining newborns through seated toddlers and has a color-changing temperature gauge built-in. As an added bonus, it also fits in most double sinks!



Baby Dam Bathtub Divider
Why we love it. Don’t want the extra tub to store? The Baby Dam Bathtub Divider is an excellent alternative for older babies/toddlers that can sit up on their own without tipping over. The BabyDam® bathtub divider allows you to quickly & easily section off a smaller space in your bathtub, creating a safer, more comfortable bathing space for littles.  AND, it saves water, energy, time, space, and money 🙂



2. Water Temperature

Water temperature is tricky, as babies and young children have much more sensitive skin than adults and therefore cannot tolerate the same water temps. Always check the water temperature before you put your child into the water. Ideal water temperature is 98.6 – 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A floating thermometer is a great way to make sure your water temp is comfortable for your littles, and will not scald their sensitive skin.

Skip Hop Floating Thermometer
Why we love it. It takes the uncertainty and guess-work out of the water temp for you. And grandparents love them, too! When not in use, suction to any tiled surface for easy storage and safe-keeping.

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Space-Saving Nursery Ideas

Designing a nursery is one of the most fun parts about preparing for baby, and you’ve probably already started pinning some ideas to your Pinterest board. If you have limited space in your nursery room, or if baby will be sharing a room with you or a sibling, it might seem like it’s impossible to fit everything in. But we’ve seen nurseries in even the smallest of spaces, and they are just as cute and functional as ever. Here’s how to fit those big dreams into a small space.

Think Mini

Anything mini is automatically 10x cuter, and mini cribs are no exception. We love the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib because it’s compact AND portable. It’s our favorite solution for Grandma’s house because it has a small footprint when in use, and, true to its name, folds away for easy storage.

lovelyindeed.PNGImage Credit: lovelyindeed

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Top 19 Baby Products for 2019

Will your family be growing in 2019? Here are our top 19 baby products you should get in the new year.

1. Venice Child California Dreaming Portable Crib

venice child in bedroom

Keeping baby close provides valuable peace of mind, especially in the first few months. The Venice Child California Dreaming Portable Crib is perfect for home, and it folds down for travel so baby will have a safe sleeping environment wherever you go! This portable sleeper is equipped with seven height adjustment levels, optional incline, and even includes storage underneath for all your middle-of-the-night needs. Shop Venice Child now.

2. Rachel’s Remedy

rachels remedies.png

Motherhood is great, but it’s not always glamourous. Rachel, founder of Rachel’s Remedy, has created products to help relieve some of the problems faced my new and breastfeeding moms.  Shop Rachel’s Remedy now. Continue reading “Top 19 Baby Products for 2019”

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2018

Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy…but we are here to help! Check out these unique gifts that have been flying off the shelves this year!

Boom Brick

$34.99 |Shop Now

10 boom brick

This one-of-a-kind speaker has quickly become our top-selling item this season. Just place your phone on top of the Boom Brick to amplify the sound–no Bluetooth, no wires. They’re a hit with any age!


$39.99 | Shop Now

10 kiipix

Ever wish you could instantly print photos from your smartphone? KiiPix lets you print any photo from your smartphone with just the turn of knob. Insert the film, find a photo, place your phone on top, turn the crank, and tada! Instant photos!


Harry Potter Light Painting Wand

$29.99 | Shop Now

10 hp wand

Every witch or wizard needs a wand! These new light-up wands have a complementary app that will turn the swishes of the wand into amazing pictures painted with light–it’s like magic!

Shop all Harry Potter merchandise here.

Dino Drone

$79.99 | Shop Now

10 dino drone.jpg

This pterodactyl is ready to take to the skies! Kids will love to race the Dino Drone through the air with just a flick of the wrist! It’s all controlled with a mime control remote glove that makes flying even more fun!

Shop all drones here.


$24.99 | Shop Now

These little magnets are the ultimate fidget for anyone! We literally can’t put them down. Speks are a cluster of tiny earth magnets that you can shape almost like putty. Whether its mindless fidgeting or detailed shape-building, these little toys are a big hit!

LOL Surprise!

$3.49-$39.99 | Shop Now

If you’re not a mom of girls you might not understand the craze, but LOL Surprise! Dolls are topping the toy lists again this year! They are so popular some sets are sold out–but we have them!

10 lol.png

Transformer Car

$49.99 | Shop Now

It’s Transformers brought to life! This remote controlled vehicle goes from a car to a robot with the push of a button. Check out the video below to see it in action!


$27.99 | Shop Now

10 stax

American Ninja Warrior

$17.99-$129.99 | Shop Now

Get the kids active with the American Ninja Warrior line! Keep adding to the challenge with ladders, ropes, and other obstacle course accessories.

10 ninja.jpg

Spooner Board

$34.99-$49.99 | Shop Now

Featured on Shark Tank, this new balance board works indoors or out–perfect for winter days where they kids are bouncing off the walls.

Need more ideas? Check out our “Shop by Age” categories on our website, or stop in store to find even more!

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Infant Car Seats: What You Need To Know

Becoming a new parent throws you into a vast world of unfamiliar baby products, and it can be difficult to know what to choose–especially when looking at car seats. A car seat is the most important product you will purchase for your baby, so if you’re going to research anything, make it this.

To make navigating this world a little easier, we are here to educate and recommend anything baby related. Today, it’s infant seats.

nuna carry.PNG

The Basics

The most common car seat style for the first stage of a baby’s life is the rear facing infant carrier. This bucket-style seat keeps baby safe and comfy and provides function for mom and dad.

The Components

This style seat has two components: the carrier (where baby sits) and the base (what securely holds the carrier in the vehicle).

The nice thing about using a bucket seat from birth is that you can easily take the whole seat in and out of the car without disturbing baby. This is especially helpful in the cold winter months and when baby is sleeping. It’s also good to take a look at the weight of the carrier itself when shopping because you will be carrying around the weight of a baby plus the carrier.

The other component to this type of car seat is the base. This is what you will install in your vehicle, and the carrier then clicks in and out. Finding an easy to install base will make your life much easier, and keep baby much safer.

We would suggest getting additional bases for your infant seat, especially if baby will be moving between vehicles frequently (i.e. Mom drops baby off at daycare, Dad picks up). That way you won’t have to worry about installing the entire seat every time baby switches vehicles, you can just click the carrier into the base and be on your way.

The Specs

Most carrier seats will last from birth to about 9-18 months, depending on how quickly your little one grows. Pay attention to height and weight limits when shopping around. From our experience, a lot of babies reach the height limits of a seat before exceeding the weight limit, so try to find a seat that has a good range for both. Most weight ranges are around 4-32 lbs and heights are usually around 32″. 

Each child will outgrow these at different times, so watch for some signs that mean it’s time to switch. Of course, pay attention to baby’s weight to make sure they are still within the seat’s specifications. To measure height, watch for baby’s head to be approaching 1 inch from the top of the car seat–that means it’s time to switch. 

All car seats have an expiration date, typically 6-7 years after the manufacture date.

Here’s our favorite and number one selling car seat!

pipa nightOur pick: Nuna Pipa
Specs: 4-32 lbs
Up to 32 in
7 year expiration
Why: Easy installation (5 second install with LATCH) Super safe (Load leg feature on base) Comfortable. Lightweight (only 7lbs).


Hopefully you now feel a little more confident in your search for an infant car seat. Continue your search on our website and reach out with any questions.




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4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Car Seat

used car seatIt’s no secret that babies can be expensive, so buying used items is a great way to save money. But before you agree to purchase a “gently used” car seat, you want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Here are a few questions to ask before you buy.

Has the car seat ever been in an accident?

Did you know that you are supposed to replace your car seat after any accident–even if the car seat seems fine, and even if the child was not in the seat at the time of the accident? A car seat it meant to protect your child in the event of an accident, but it’s not designed to withstand multiple collisions. Small or internal damages caused by an accident can compromise the safety of any car seat, even if it appears to be fine.

With that in mind, you want to be 100% sure that the car seat you are getting for your child has not been in any accidents before. If you’re getting a used seat, it’s usually best to get only from someone you know and trust. Ask them about the entire history of the car seat. Continue reading “4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Car Seat”

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Crib Mattress Buying Guide

A car seat isn’t the only important safety purchase for your baby. Think about what a baby will spend most (over half, actually) of their time doing in the first year (hint: parents will be doing less of it)– sleeping! Since so much time will be spent snoozin’, it is crucial to get a mattress that will leave baby comfortable and safe throughout the night.

If you don’t have the first clue about what to look for in a crib mattress, you’re not alone. For most parents, the mattress is an afterthought and they just get the first one they can find because, really, how in the world do you tell a good mattress apart from a bad one? Here are a couple things to look for.


This is one of the most important features of a crib mattress, and we cannot stress it enough. Make sure that the mattress itself and the cover are breathable to allow airflow around baby as he sleeps. Not only will this keep baby cool and comfortable, leading to a better night’s sleep for all, but increased circulation ensures that baby will still be able to breath clean air even if he rolls onto his belly. Studies suggest that having increased air circulation in the nursery and crib area reduces the risk of SIDS by 70%. Nook mattresses are so breathable that your baby can actually breath right through it! Expert design, pebble textures fabric, and special fabric weaves make Nook one of the safest mattresses for baby to sleep on.

Non-Toxic Materials

We do our best to protect our children and ourselves from products that contain harmful chemicals, but who would think that a mattress could be harmful? Unfortunately, safety standard for crib mattresses are highly unregulated; one of the only requirements is that it is flame retardant. Well, sometimes those flame-resistant chemicals can be pretty nasty. Even a little exposure to chemicals over a long period of time can have negative health effects, which is why it is important to make sure that what your child is sleeping on is completely non-toxic. Nook uses completely natural flame-retardants and keeps their materials as natural as possible–even using an organic coconut coir for natural breathability in the Pebble Pure.


Accidents happen, but if clean up if super easy, its like they never did. While your mattress should be waterproof, take a look at how that waterproof-ability is achieved. You don’t want it to affect the breathability, so a plastic-y feel is no good. Nook soaks their mattresses in a NanoSphere® bath so the mattress is still completely breathable but still water-resistant. Also watch out for mattresses with quilted textures or stitching along the edges, as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and even let some moisture through to the inside of the mattress (which leads to worse things, like mold).


Here’s the test: place your hand on the mattress and push down; if it pops right back up, it should be firm enough for an infant. It can be difficult to tell sometimes, so comparing mattresses side by side can be helpful. Nook makes 3 different levels of crib mattresses with gradated firmness, and all are equally suited for safe sleeping. Another plus of Nook’s mattresses is that they actually have a firmer infant side and a softer toddler side to maximize comfort as your baby grows.


Don’t let price tags scare you. Yes, you could buy a $30 mattress that would get the job done, but is it really going to hold up through all the (inevitable) accidents and last through the toddler years? If you invest is a quality mattress right away, it will last you multiple years (even multiple children) without getting icky buildup. Not to mention, the mattress itself is superior in safety and comfort to the cheaper alternatives. Prices can range from $30 to $400, but there are some great middle-ground price-points out there, like the Nook Pebble Air, which just happens to be our favorite.

Browse all of Nook’s incredible products here on our website!


Doing Disney With Kids: Tips to Make the Most of Your Magical Vacation

Our blog has been very quiet these past 7 months, but we hope to change that starting now! Some of you may know that I, Casey, the writer of most of our blogs and online content, took a little time (6 months) away from our store to work in a slightly busier and warmer location: Walt Disney World! So, as a first post-Disney blog post, I figured I would share with you some tips and recommended products for doing Disney with kids.

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18 Best New Baby Products for 2018

The new year is already here, and so are a ton of cool new products! Check out our list of our top 18 favorite new baby products you need for 2018.

1. Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

We are jumping for joy because of this new product–a cute and interactive jumper that folds up for storage! With lights and sound, a 360° swivel seat, and a bounce counter, this new jumper from Skip Hop’s Explore & More line is super cute when it’s in use, and super spacing when it’s not. To top it of, it will give baby a round of applause when he reaches 100 bounces–how cute is that! (Find it here for $130)

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Get the Look: Shabby Chic Mix & Match Nursery

If you’re like us, you love: a) shopping local and b) super cute shabby chic furniture. We could spend hours (and probably have) browsing through Facebook phots from some of our favorite shops like Ramshackled Treasures (Zimmerman, MN) and Second Hand Rose (Buffalo, MN). You may have noticed a lot of our store displays sport this shabby-chic look. We love the character it adds to our store! So what better way to support local businesses and your love design than to add a shabby-chic element to your nursery!

Here’s how you can bring this cute and affordable look into your nursery!

The Crib:

Start by finding the perfect crib for your nursery. If you are looking for something cute and simple, try the Jenny Lind crib. This style is wildly popular and you can mix and match with any type of dresser. Gray makes for a classy, simple look, but if you’re more daring try something a bit bolder by choosing a pop of color for the crib.

The Dresser:

When you are looking for a dresser, try to find one that is at a comfortable height so it can double as a changing table. We recommend using the Peanut Changer (found here) on top because it is non-slip and waterproof so you don’t need a changing box. Of course, storage is key, especially if you want your pieces to grow with your child, so make sure you find a dresser with plenty of drawers. The options are endless, and it can be a lot of fun to shop around.

You are sure to find some unique pieces, so have fun making them a focal point of your room! Armoires are a great way to add more style and storage to your room. We love this coral piece from Ramshackled Treasures paired with a sleek, crisp white crib.

With so many ways to get creative, the nursery possibilities are endless! Head on over to one of your local refurbish boutiques or get your DIY on! If you give it a shot, we’d love to see–tag @babysonbroadway on Facebook or Instagram.